Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pact of a Succubus

Mark was a man feeling the pressure of the world bear down on his shoulders. Fears of both finding work and satisfying his lover in bed hunted him until that one fateful night. Under pale moonlight in the seclusion of their utility shed, Mark succeeds in calling the aid he so desperately hopes for.

What comes to stand before him in the occult circle is no angel above, but a voluptuous demon – a succubus has answered his call. With her uplifting power, Mark finds success and satisfaction, but what price has the pact truly come at? One should always be careful what they wish for, and just whom they dance with, lest they be dancing alone in the palm of a devil.

Being close to Halloween, I often think and talk of fears. Fears can be good to use and play on in fiction, creating tension and suspense, but for a creator's mind it's a real killer. Simply put, I worry far too much about everything all the time, as I've likely said countless times before. So having something a little more straight-forward and simple to clear my head can really help sometimes.

Pact of a Succubus is just that, and has certainly helped. Not directly related to For Love of a Succubus, I have some plans in the back of my head for the two at a later date. It's a tale that jumps straight into what you could call the climax of one man's decision to accept the aid that came to him. Now as I said, I worry a lot and I'm likely the only one that thinks about this at the end of the day but what makes it shine is cutting out all that in-between that would otherwise build things gradual.

There's a lot of effectively superfluous padding I could have added, but that takes away a good deal of the shock and power in how things unfold the way they do. I wanted the main scene to open as a surprise rather than the expected peak of several scenes the reader has been more privy to. This way, it leaves that door open to personal imagination, given the hints and prompts of what's been going on. There's free reign to imagine both succubus on male and female partner training. just a normal human couple that are having progressively better sex together or where the more wicked turn of events and genders may go. I may be addressing that one myself later as I said before, but for now it hits its own satisfying end.

Rather than dread the lack of those longer padded chapters being seen as a shortcoming, I want to enrich and present fantasies beyond the main show, which is strong and varied in its own right. This succubus has had her influence deep set in this couple, and now's the time to collect payment for her services.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak