Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Lusty Dark Elven Maid III: Stable Maid

Changes have come to Olvang Keep in Milenna's lustful absence amongst the guards. The hulking beasts of fur and fang are said to be more than appearance - capable of shifting to the forms of the Northland people, and rumour holds that Milenna has been given over to their newly discovered needs. Recovered from the garrisons below and cleaned up by the mysterious doppelganger responsible for aiding Milenna's journey down this path, that rumour may not remain false for very long.

Brought before the beasts in their high-barred Stable pens, the dark elf will feel something ancient and true tug at her desire, yet can the limber elf truly survive under such intimidating bestial power? In this final volume that brings closure to the story of the Lusty Dark Elven Maid, Milenna will be put to the test. From her courage and tenacity to simple desire, a new future may yet open for her elven kin and the Wolven shapeshifters alike with the penultimate destination in her journey.

That's right, another final volume that took longer than was expected! This one didn't strike quite the same emotion as Huntsman, but that's always been the charm of having these two series run in tandem - Huntsman is much more grounded, while this one has been much more freely erotic and about hitting the fetishes. In their final volumes, they have both converged a bit into the other's style, but it's worked out perfectly.

As per the usual disclaimer, you don't need to read one side of this series to enjoy the other, they have both been written from their respective perspectives with the intent of making as much sense as is necessary in that perspective alone, something I always do, but for an avid reader that enjoys one, the story does expand in a way through the other with this dual series.

Now that I'm finally getting around to tying up some of my lose ends, I can say it's certainly been an interesting experiment. Whether I run another dual-titled series like this in the future will remain to be seen. Alternatives like Darkfallen to the Daemonique series are nice in that they are more wholly disconnected than to be running a parallel, so there's somewhat more freedom in that.

So, with that all said, the point of convergence for the Lusty Dark Elven Maid is particularly interesting, as it focuses around the revelation that has shaken the Keep, and culmination of what has called to Milenna Nightwhisper's wanderlust in a similar way to that which called to Katalyne Olvang from the wilds. How the Dark Elf interacts with these 'new' shapeshifters in the Wolven speaks subtle volumes of the world's history, and gives a little glimpse at what may be the future for all of them, just as the conclusion to Huntsman saw change and progress for its people.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Just a matter of familiarity. It was true, what she had given herself over to with that whole garrison of rugged and untamed Northland men was surely as foolish and dangerous, yet she had survived all they could give her, and risen above it. Surely this would be no different, for her pride was in the tenacity and cunning to adapt that all dark elves held in their blood. It was what had allowed them to survive in this harsh land beyond memory.

“Noc’thei…” Ripping through her self-satisfying thoughts of confidence, a darker voice than she’d ever heard took Milenna’s attention by force. Shivering despite herself, the dark elf stared with wide eyes into the pen. The voice had bloomed within her mind, yet somehow she knew it came from the one whom now stared at her.

“How long as it been, guardian, that so few would even know the name…” He lay as nonchalantly as all the others, yet those big amber eyes held Milenna as surely as if she were already pinned under him. She knew the name – all dark elves were taught it rudimentarily – though none used such an old tongue any longer. Brought face to face with the powerful beast, Milenna could not deny some ancient call stirred inside her. It was a call she answered instinctively.

Transfixed by the beast’s overwhelming presence, Milenna was within the cage before she realised. The cloak gone from her shoulders, she walked naked towards it, every curve of her elven figure exposed to the light of the pen. The beasts around her watched with a passing interest, but none came between her and the one whose eyes drew her ever closer, rising up expectantly.

Even sitting on its hinds, the wolven beast was near as big as Milenna whilst standing, a mat of sheer black fur from its sharp head with those all too aware eyes and pointed ears to the thick paws that rested easily on a simple bed of straw. Close enough to feel its breath on her face, Milenna reached out to trace her fingers down the rigid line of its jaw, tangling them in the fur of its mane as she stared into its intense eyes.

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