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Deity of the Desert I: Arrival (Monster Girl Breeding Erotica)

In a world descended from myth and mingling of monstrous races into much more human variants, an unlikely couple - a human male and a hotblooded crossbreed of a woman - is summoned to the desert to investigate the newly discovered sacred ruins. Taking up the opportunity, they answer the summons. First they have to arrive, and once within the safety of the city walls, there's the matter of handling personal business. The crossbred companion, Astrid, has an overwhelming urge to breed with her lover and mate.

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This release was quite fun to write, and went through an interesting process, again. Not such a stark re-write as with Soulflame, my recent sisterly incest publication, but this again was originally a story challenge piece that I wanted to expand and re-edit for publishing. About half way through that process I thought to myself "what if I were to focus more on the first half as its own thing, giving me a quicker release and readers more flexibility on what content they want?"

Most of those principles made it through, but it was no quicker than writing from scratch. What this means for me is I have basically a draft of the second half of this lying around with completely different sexual content that may not be as appealing as the sexy scenes I got into this one. For readers, that means there's a new release out right now, and full of M/F sex with breeding tones and fantasy races.

Yes indeed, I wanted to try and get in on the breeding theme a bit with this one. I think it helps somewhat that Astrid isn't entirely human. For all I understand the kink, it seems a more natural thing to say and feel when at least one - ideally the one receiving! - isn't quite human and can easily run with that sort of animalistic theme. Maybe I'm still thinking into the meaning behind the kink too much but I can't much help it, it's otherwise only used when referring to animals.

As I tried to convey a bit with the cover image, aside from that the tweaks on the eye are so small you can barely see it in smaller resolutions, Astrid is a more interracial / interspecies, bestial crossbreed of a humanoid race. Purpose behind it was to play on some of the implications and less-than-human connotations attached to 'breeding'. As a result, Astrid can have a very sharp temper, an almost wild and feral nature to her actions and above all a devotion to the man she loves. That devotion includes the instinctive need to feel him mate and breed with her like she's a bitch in heat. In her unique diluted monster girl sort of way, she is, but she's still relatable as a mostly human woman with needs and emotions. 

It made her fun and pretty unique to write. Without spoiling much, the second installment will venture more into size play and a (relatively, nothing too over the top macro, as far as can be stretched without breaking) giant counterpart to their fun. That's part of the reason I released this first half here and now, as that second might not be to everyone's tastes, so to bunch it all in on one release would take up a considerable amount more time and likely put some readers off.

Extended excerpt follows the pagebreak:
*  *  *  *
While mostly human, Astrid was a common dilation of elder races, most often referred to as a crossbreed. The end result was entirely more human than her somewhat draconic Salamander ancestors, with no tail or affinity to actually summoning flames. What Astrid did inherit was an eternally hot-blooded body temperature, dangerous claws and equally dangerous temper. Her coppery skin with its gradient of smoothness giving way to rougher scales across her limbs, back and thighs, the bold red hair and almost feral eyes were other traits passed down to her the way it was with every crossbreed.

It was those little things about her, the eccentricities and differentiation that Nathan adored in Astrid. She was as close to human as crossbred species got – while Centaur were not as far from human as they could come – and she was his. For all her blustering and temper, Astrid could be surprisingly vulnerable about how Nathan viewed and felt about her, but she was his.

Turning to float along on her back, Astrid fixed her man with those brilliant amber eyes and grinned devilishly. The change in position let her show off the equally supple and dark chest she held, knowing how much Nathan loved those when they took on the erotic shine of water. It made them seem bigger and softer than they were, the deliciously grabbable curve glistening with moisture that already sought to slick off the doughy hill and leave little pearl drops of shine behind.

Never less did he enjoy them for the thick, ebony nipples that either sported, either. It helped that the chill of the water had seen to stiffening them out, but the slightly roughened areola were an alluring prize of their own. Astrid could take a lot of punishment being done to them, and Nathan was always more than happy to push the limit on them to see her squirm.

Catching up to Astrid quickly enough, Nathan floated alongside her, enjoying the relaxing chill of the water. They had the pool to themselves, as the Queen’s guests were few and far between. It’d allowed Astrid to be as free as she pleased with showing off her body, and similarly allowed Nathan to appreciate it.
“You’re hopeless, you know. If there were others here, you could have gotten carried off for indecency.” Nathan chided lightly, prodding Astrid’s side and leaning in to hug the still comfortably warm woman who snapped a quick laugh and coiled her arms around her man to kiss him intently.

“Nu-uh, you’d protect me. Besides, I couldn’t see anyone and I’d have thought twice about it if I had.” Astrid chided back, sniffing and leaning in against Nathan’s supportive weight to press a ridged thigh between his legs. The devious look returned to her eyes, and with all but one leg, she pushed to swim her weight fully into him.

“And since we’re here, all alone, there is a little something else we can catch up on.” Astrid cooed in a sultry drawl of speaking from the back of her throat, her almost serpentine eyes lidded and bright with lust for him. Due to her tactful repositioning, she had Nathan against the wall of the pool with her thigh against his crotch.

“Oh, is there now?” Nathan made a point of querying in a casual tone, as though he had no idea what she meant, and simply smiled as he ran a hand down her back to stroke and caress the filling curve of her perked up ass between the rugged scaled outline of her thighs and small of her back. Sinking his hand into those supple cheeks had just enough give to make it more than pleasant to grab and hold for them both. The affirming purr Astrid poured into Nathan’s ear certainly said it felt as good for her.

“I want you inside me, Nath. I want you to fuck and breed me till I’ve had so many.” Astrid whispered, her breathing turning into a ragged husk of a whisper. The prospect of pregnancy and offspring was a big deal among those crossbred through ancestry, like an instinctive need to see that ancient bloodline continue. Those who found a mate as Astrid had tended to have bouts of fervent desire to replay that history of being used and bred to see more of their kin born, and Astrid was no different.

“Mmm, right here? Everyone would be able to see you.” Nathan pointed out in a similarly hushed whisper, causing Astrid to flinch and look around, quickly. She really hadn’t considered that? Those big, amber eyes swung up to the surrounding balconies. There was no one there. This was likely not the only pool, nor the only guest chambers, and there was no one outside. The hour was drawing late, and Astrid didn’t have the compulsion to resist. She’d have to risk it. Swallowing hard, Astrid stared down at her man and nodded.

Nathan chuckled a soft laugh and pushed Astrid off him just enough to get room to twist and hop out of the water. Just enough to sit on the side with Astrid left floating in front of him, now level with his crotch. Nathan so much as pushed his hips up to allow Astrid to assist in pulling the shorts off him. She knew what he wanted.

“Well, if you’re going to show the Queen’s guests what a dirty little crossbreed you are, you should give them a good show.” Nathan explained in that simple, level tone that somehow went straight down Astrid’s spine, making her squirm and heat up. Whether it the shame of being seen, or the humiliating tone of Nathan’s words that drove the shiver down her, Astrid couldn’t say.

She couldn’t help it, though. It was in her blood, and that’s what people would see. A hopelessly indecent little breeding bitch in heat. Astrid’s skin managed to darken from the exotic brown to a darker red as she licked at her lips, but there was nothing she could do about her compulsion to mate. So what they did see she was nothing more than a bitch in heat, no better than a tamed beast right now? She needed this, and she belonged to her mate.

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