Monday, May 13, 2013

Amazon ADULT filter email correspondence.

Email transcript related to ADULT filter follows the pagebreak:
This is the general format and address you want to use if you want to try and contact them about changing the filter status, but as you'll find from my attempt, I don't think they care to work with you on it anymore.
Leona Reish <>8 May 2013 14:37
Please reevaluate the following titles by Leona D. Reish.
Daemonique vol.1 The Darkest Desire - ASIN: B00BNPXID2
Daemonique vol.3 The Darkest Blessing - ASIN: B00C3JDFCG
Shibari Shower - ASIN: B00CMU82AQ
The titles have been changed and resubmitted to comply with your current terms of service and should no longer have an adult filter placed upon them or be excluded from the all-department search.
Please mark these titles NOT ADULT.
Thank you.

-Leona D. Reish
KDP Author

Kindle Direct Publishing <>8 May 2013 23:25

To: "" <>
Hello Leona,

Thank you for your recent email regarding the following books:
Daemonique vol.1 The Darkest Desire - ASIN: B00BNPXID2
Daemonique vol.3 The Darkest Blessing - ASIN: B00C3JDFCG
Shibari Shower - ASIN: B00CMU82AQ

During our review, we found that your books contain mature content and therefore the title won’t surface in our general product search.

We have confirmed that your book is live and you can view your book’s detail page here:

We appreciate your understanding.
So this time I tried to get an open dialogue running with them. I kind of lack the "understanding" I'm being thanked for.
Leona Reish <>9 May 2013 00:32
To: "" <>
Would it be possible for an elaboration on "mature content" and if rectifying that fact would see it unfiltered? I ask primarily because a lot of seemingly more offensive titles still show on the All Departments / general product search and in the recommendations column. I discuss this filtering issue with many other authors and the only consistency we can discern beyond certain keywords in titles and cover content is that there isn't any consistency. They've had the tamest titles with no cover issue filtered while racey, mature ones from the same author sit right next to it unfiltered. It's rather erratic and seemingly unprofessional, leaving it difficult to respect or understand Amazon's principle in this and work with it.

I certainly have trouble understanding who or what it's supposed to be protecting by use, and why much simpler, sweeping measures can't be taken to ensure functionality between similar books is sustained for both author and customer convenience. It feels like it's causing people on your end a lot more work than need be and the biggest effect it's having is to deny supposedly valued customers of what they want, while leaving equally offensive titles in clear sight of people who don't want erotica in their search results at all, or in view of minors who can purchase the content after using whichever product search function. It makes very little sense to me and many.

Apologies. As I'm sure you can understand, I put a lot of effort and passion into my writing so it's upsetting to see publications subjected seemingly at random to an extraneous filter that stops customers from finding what they want easily, while doing nothing for customers who don't. Thank you for your time.

I eventually get a response. The same scripted response as everyone else, and as every time. I'm not actually talking to a person, am I?
Kindle Direct Publishing <>9 May 2013 23:43

To: "" <>

We value your feedback and appreciate your interest in publishing with KDP.  As you know, we strive to provide an optimal customer experience.

As stated in our content guidelines, we reserve the right to determine what content we consider to be appropriate.  This content includes both the cover art image and the content within the book.

We’re unable to elaborate further on specific details regarding our adult content guidelines and thank you for being a KDP Author.

"Optimal customer experience" by breaking functionality and hiding what people want.
"Unable to elaborate on guidelines" but still enforce them as if you perfectly understood what they're doing.
This company has the monopoly on ebook market sales.

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