Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hide With Him (BBW Paranormal Erotic Romance)

Lynne Hill is a girl haunted. Not by her past or circumstance, but a darkly handsome man. His passion and interest in her is something from her wildest fantasies, but can the big, shy girl handle living those unspeakable dreams out? Under his dominating gaze, she might not have a choice. Giving in to temptation and playing his games, even in public, she's starting to doubt she wants a choice.

It's a dangerously sexual game Lynne is playing, but she may not be able to stop.

This series started like many do, a sort of experiment in something a little different, and if my highly impartial and scientific measurements of looking at numbers and going "holy shit, what", people really enjoy this series too.

That's really awesome. The first volume, Hide From Him got a really nice five star review, which I don't doubt has helped with bringing it to other people's attention, and making me feel really good about my writing. That, combined with everyone else taking interest in and enjoying the first book is a really good way to get more and sooner. An so here we are! I love to hear back from people in any form, and I've been getting a bit more contact lately and I honestly think about it fondly day to day a lot.

So what's in this second volume? The story practically picks up where it left off, with Lynne being rudely awoken by having her breasts played with in bed until she's left with a pretty messy face because she wouldn't get up. From there, there's some introspection and development of just what this erotic ghostly figure is, more developments and a bit of shopping.

That might sound innocent enough, but around 'Him', the heat is rarely turned down for long. It's one of the things that makes writing this series fun, considering what he is, there's just all sorts of freedoms from a normal relationship and interaction that lets me dive into hard, fast and frequent sexual implications, and even some other things like humour and a little philosophy.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak: