Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Farewell to 2016

The coming March will mark the fourth anniversary of when I began making a public name publishing erotic fiction, and it's annually then that I look back over the past year and reflect through incoherent and disjointed stream of consciousness ramblings, but this year I'm changing it up a little.

As the world winds down the last hours of 2016, I want to cast off everything that it's been and leave it behind. I want this to be the last post of 2016 that goes to the annals of history for posterity, but is otherwise left there for a fresh start.

The short of it and the important thing to say out in the open is just thank you. Thank you for sticking it out with me, and thank you for always being the best of readers. Here's to you and a new year of brighter paths and success for us all.

There's a bunch to cathartically reflect on and get rid of, and I don't want it to take up that much space on the index so there's more after the pagebreak, and I'm going to dedicate the rest of the new year to forgetting it.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Olvang's Huntsman

In the frigid Northlands, the untamed wilds test all with a ruthless cunning and ferocity, forging a rugged and sharp people. It is in the shelter of that wilderness that Olvang's Huntsman will take what appears to be his secretive lover caught in one of his traps to a night alone before the fire of a secluded hunting lodge. 

Before the night is out, the simple tranquility and bliss of a love shared will be broken by revelation of just how wicked and cunning those wilds have made some of its people, and what plans they have set in motion. 

Something ancient and primal calls from those wilds, drawing the young woman and down a dangerous path to discover a truth long lost. Only her Huntsman will be able to follow her trail and join her in answering the howling on the wind.

Huntsman has been an interesting journey for me, that I'm glad I've been able to shore up into a novel format with Olvang's Huntsman. It's taken longer than I'd have liked due to life circumstances going downhill hard and fast, but that sort of thing isn't for a release post that will exist long after the issue of time.

What is for a release post is how interesting a journey it's been. Huntsman began back in 2013 as part of a sweet little nothing I had to build on. A scene, a premise and idea. I had no definitive end, not much of a grand goal in mind, but I wanted to go forward with it, make it something real.

How it's ended up is a testament to my own journey through writing. It may not be a perfect path, it may not be by all the right numbers, it may be full of risks and dangers, but its characters took life as it came, realizing and accepting their flaws as they pushed on to accept what they were and what they could do. No one could show them the path to the end nor tell them what they would find, the journey to find the truth was one as much to create it by their own hands.

In addition to this it's been really interesting to look back on my writing from as far back as that - where I really started spreading and committing to too many projects at once - and just kind of balancing the urge to tear up everything I wrote in favour of how my style reads now and keeping its integrity in place. It's nice to think I've developed more of a voice and presence in what I write over the years, the second and third volumes being less of an issue to finalize.

The end result is a solid cornerstone of an era in my fantasy world filled with a people larger than life with women as wicked and dominant as their men in the right moment that in time, shifts into a more feral and wild capacity than any could have known.

It's been a great journey to get here, and I always really appreciate the support that's made it possible. In terms of excerpts, the first volume that fills its early chapters; Huntsman I is free on all market channels!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pact of a Succubus

Mark was a man feeling the pressure of the world bear down on his shoulders. Fears of both finding work and satisfying his lover in bed hunted him until that one fateful night. Under pale moonlight in the seclusion of their utility shed, Mark succeeds in calling the aid he so desperately hopes for.

What comes to stand before him in the occult circle is no angel above, but a voluptuous demon – a succubus has answered his call. With her uplifting power, Mark finds success and satisfaction, but what price has the pact truly come at? One should always be careful what they wish for, and just whom they dance with, lest they be dancing alone in the palm of a devil.

Being close to Halloween, I often think and talk of fears. Fears can be good to use and play on in fiction, creating tension and suspense, but for a creator's mind it's a real killer. Simply put, I worry far too much about everything all the time, as I've likely said countless times before. So having something a little more straight-forward and simple to clear my head can really help sometimes.

Pact of a Succubus is just that, and has certainly helped. Not directly related to For Love of a Succubus, I have some plans in the back of my head for the two at a later date. It's a tale that jumps straight into what you could call the climax of one man's decision to accept the aid that came to him. Now as I said, I worry a lot and I'm likely the only one that thinks about this at the end of the day but what makes it shine is cutting out all that in-between that would otherwise build things gradual.

There's a lot of effectively superfluous padding I could have added, but that takes away a good deal of the shock and power in how things unfold the way they do. I wanted the main scene to open as a surprise rather than the expected peak of several scenes the reader has been more privy to. This way, it leaves that door open to personal imagination, given the hints and prompts of what's been going on. There's free reign to imagine both succubus on male and female partner training. just a normal human couple that are having progressively better sex together or where the more wicked turn of events and genders may go. I may be addressing that one myself later as I said before, but for now it hits its own satisfying end.

Rather than dread the lack of those longer padded chapters being seen as a shortcoming, I want to enrich and present fantasies beyond the main show, which is strong and varied in its own right. This succubus has had her influence deep set in this couple, and now's the time to collect payment for her services.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wight Snow II: Nobility

To know the truth of a story, one must return to the root of events...

For the coastal city of Meirport, more politics, power and money trade hands behind closed doors than the unwitting common folk may ever know. Travelling as an Ambassador of the sovereign's inland nation, Lady Erys Wynthae stands at the heart of such matters, yet powers beyond the reach of mortal hands are already afoot. Played for a pawn in the schemes of others and stripped of all possession, the Lady will alone find but one escape from a future of slavery at the hand of nobility beyond any she has ever known.

Before the day is done, Lady Erys Wynthae will welcome the very beginning of events that will see the coastal city brought to its knees.

Wight Snow is a really fun concept and grounds for me to work from. Zombie apocalypse and survival horror are common, very popular concepts that often follow a pretty standard fomula, often keeping the source and antagonist a point of mystery. It works, there's no doubting that, but one thing I've found I always really like is having more of that side, the interaction and methods from the darker side of things.

Calling back as far as the first volumes of Daemonique, it's no secret I'm a fan of darker fantasy and enjoy tales told through what may be considered the evil antagonist's world. Wight Snow II: Nobility somewhat follows that trend from the first Daemonique volumes of starting the second volume leading in from a different perspective and world before converging on the present - but here it's much more prevalent.

Here, we're going all the way back to the first fateful day, before Julia fell ill and went unawares of the city's changing fate. There's good reason to, as the cast and machinations for what befalls Meirport are big and interesting. The survival horror type scene and a contagion that turns the populace into effectively mindless ghouls bent on a more carnal hunger is good, but looking at it unfurl from the seat of power is also good, and something I really wanted to do.

While there's threat of pulling back the Wizard of Oz's curtain, there's still a lot of power, mystery and intrigue you can develop from here, and it becomes a different sort of beast to that standard routine, and it's no less sexually charged. Writing all this I almost forget it's an erotic work and I need to make a point of that, but beyond the basics, it absolutely gives a great range for erotic acts. 

In Nobility, the focus mainly on BDSM and slavery. Meirport is a place of power and independent trade, which inevitably attracts other powers in time of unrest and strife. It's all about the movement of nobles, of how quickly power can be gained and stripped away and what truly counts as nobility. It sets up the ground work of how and a little of why the city turns into what it later becomes, and plays with bending the concept of good and evil or us and them.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

I'm Here.

I get the feeling if I don't just write this now, I'm never going to - or never get anything else done by extension, either. Long and short of it is yeah, I know. After a rather positive anniversary post in March, I haven't had anything special to report and it's looked pretty grim.

I'm still here, and I know. Things haven't been great, and the longer they went on, the longer I didn't write this, the more apprehensive I got about doing it at all, but I need to. So this isn't a release post or anything special, just a space for me to put it to words and get this off my chest. This is going to end up a massive stream of unedited conversational tone trash about my personal life and feelings. The image covers the jist of how things have been these past months.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Three Years of Gear in the Rear

The time has come once more where I make bad titles out of one of the StarCraft Terran SCV's selection lines. It just works, and StarCraft's global presence is testament to that some things just stand the test of time and continue to work throughout the years. Somehow, I'm one of them.

Yes, it's that time again when I celebrate the day I officially set up and began publishing to the world. It's always a time when I'm reminiscent and thoughtful on the past to the point of being beside myself with more angst than any romance heroine could ever hope to be full of. It's just that time of the mon-year. Year. The turn of the year is often used to reflect on the past and move forward, so that comes doubly and weighs twice for me.

With that in mind, I've been thinking a lot over what to say this year. 2015 was not my best by a long shot, for a number of reasons, it's been a rough stint of ups and downs where the downs make it harder to get back up. This has probably been evident in how quiet I've been, there have been months of no new update and the like. Recently I've been busy with some private commission work that doesn't lend to a publication post, so it hasn't all been bad. Things have been picking up for some months in their own way, but before that, sure, it was rocky.

It's not something I've been happy with, but in the same hand it's not something I'm going to dwell on or let take up much more space than it effectively already has. Done is done, but I'm not out. I'm here. So rather than dwell and harp on that in a blog post for celebrating a milestone of time, I'm going to look more into and celebrate what has kept me going.

With that said, I could barely think of much to say at first and now it's gotten to the sort of length that I'm best off putting the rest behind a pagebreak. So to skip to the closing footnote, I've had a lot to be thankful for over this past year, and a lot to take with me moving forward. I'm going to do what I can and what I know to keep it moving, finish what I've started and start something I don't think anyone would expect.

It'll be an interesting year, and if you're with me for even a few days, thank you for joining me on this journey. Here's to another three years of doubt and passion that wouldn't be traded for anything.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wight Snow I: Humanity

For the coastal city of Meirport, some days are the passing of business as usual, while others are the passing of an unholy contagion that warps the landscape into a decrepit playground of ghoulish lust and insatiable dominance. The eyes of powerful undead beings – an ethereal wight and cunning lich – have fallen on the city, and as their will seeps through the streets and creeps over the unknowing in a blanket of pure wight snow and fog, nothing will ever be the same. 

For those who have not yet fallen to their grasp, it’s time to run, hide, or face the haunting music that calls for their submission.

This is strange, I've gotten used to the synopsis area filling enough space for this to start beneath the image, though it feels like the thumbnail dimensions are different, too.

Well, now that that's out of the way, I can get on to enjoying the first release of 2016 with something a little new. I'd put off the feature for a few days due to some hitches putting me behind schedule, so I've been working to get back on top of that. While I'm not much for new years posts, I have taken the opportunity to reset and redesign my progress sheets into something more useful, starting over from the new year. So far it's working out, so here's to pulling into a better year, starting now.

Wight Snow stands predominantly an erotic take on the common concept of an undead pandemonium. What starts as normal and innocent days takes a quick turn with as many mysteries and questions left behind the fog as you'd come to expect from such a setting, but the symptoms and behaviorism are, as you would expect, much more erotic in nature - with a healthy amount of femdom and the paranormal thrown in for good measure. Ravenous sex ghouls are something I've wanted to play around with for some time. 

It works well as a standalone story, but also sets the groundwork for future volumes and even cross-reference through other stories. The players and fate of Meirport will continue to ripple outward through the world. In a similar way to the second volume of Daemonique swapped perspectives, this volume has given Humanity's perspective in such a way as that I considered not listing it as a volume but standalone prologue. Future volumes will swap to a different perspective, giving you a much more intimate look into the machinations of what could cause such a thing to befall the coastal city in a way that survival horror rarely narrates.

It began as an entry for a Halloween contest amongst some friends that helped me get back on my feet a bit, so I'm glad to finally be bringing it to the world at large. Thank you for your support, excerpt follows the break.