Friday, June 13, 2014

Darkfallen: Demonic Slime (Futa, Slime Monster and Transformation, oh my!)

In the darkest reaches of the demonic prison that lays under Sarandin Isle, where demonic essence is at its greatest, the strangest of monsters can be found and formed. While the world above seeks to forget and seal those demons within their hold, none would even suspect to imagine the existence of the demonic slime in those depths.

Captured and held in one such darkest corner, one noble woman who'd come seeking fame and tall tales will learn first hand of a story none would believe, for whence she touches the dark matter dripping through cracks in the wall, it takes on a life and lust of its own, intent on bringing her unimaginable pleasure. The well endowed succubus drawn to the commotion will only aid in the slimes animate desire to mimic and please Victoria in this tale of those confined to the demonic hold.

Darkfallen: Demonic Slime makes the point of that basic entry-level D&D monsters need love, too. It also let me do something rather different to usual, which is one of the charms to my Darkfallen series, that I wanted to come back to once more.

While one of the charms of the Darkfallen series is an ability to just drop in at any place and not really need to know the other stories in sequence to appreciate them, I did start this one off with a little consideration to padding up the surrounding story, so it begins with giving you a pretty simple glimpse into how this volume's 'protagonist' came to be a part of the demonic prison, and how others have been winding up there in their stead.

Essentially, those beyond Sarandin Isle don't even believe the threats there are as real as they are, and ride out in hunting parties together for potential of fame and glory, which everyone loves. At least the people that wind up as the human captives for lovely stories of demonic corruption and sexual happenings.

This is one such story! And it's a little different. This time, I wanted to play around with a Slime monster, because they're squishy and can change their body entirely, which makes them a lot of fun for filling holes to the limit with and generally doing stuff you could never do in any other way, such as a tongue turning into a throat-fucking phallic tentacle or a succubus' demonic cock popping from between one participant's lips while they're kissing the other, clamping them into the kiss so that they can't help but have their mouth filled with cum.

Slimes are just fun like that! So I got a little carried away enjoying how this one played out in writing. 

Similarly, while I'm not really trying to make Kynthia from previous volumes a centrally key character that recurs constantly, I got thinking while I wrote. The previous two volumes have had futa, so people who've enjoyed those would enjoy more of it in this, and I could work it in easily enough. Practically, she empowered the Slime monster into acting as quickly as it did, and why not? 

It might not always be a thing that I include futa, but I figured for a third installment of a series where it works, it works!

Excerpt follows the pagebreak

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Boys Will Do Boys (Gay Male Menage)

When Daniel came to the elusive fetish party held in a remote countryside mansion in the company of his Mistress, he never anticipated the night leading him into the company of a pretty, effeminate boy and his more dashing partner. Due to a twist of circumstance that see him ushered into their company, that's exactly what's happening. Having already crossdressed to look the part, Daniel will spend the night with the couple as ‘Danielle’, earning a taste of an entirely different world of pleasure and submission. 

What began as sensual temptation, teasing and a question in A Carnival of Phantasms develops now into an intense night of pleasure only be shared between boys.

I'll start off by saying this one was a bit tough to write, and contributed to May being a pretty slow and dry month for me, so I apologise for not being around much! June is shaping up to change that, but this was the first real debilitating slump I've ever felt, hopefully the only one. Being stubborn isn't always the answer, but I got through it.

It's been planned since the beginning, along with every other side story in the Carnival series, and there's one more to come, but sometimes it's just plain difficult. That's kind of the charm behind it, though. It's difficult because what A Carnival of Phantasms has allowed me to do is to bridge characters that wouldn't normally interact or even be in the same universe, and drop them into some really unique sexual encounters. 

In this case, that proved more of a challenge than I'd anticipated since it was just so different for the new boy being introduced to them. There's not really a purely dominant figure between the three either, unlike how Jessica could direct the scenes from her position as the top perfectly in 'Tied up in Good Company'. That said, once things get going, it stops being a problem and moves into a pretty unique night.

So we have a man, an androgynous, feminine trap - both from the Femboy's Trap series - and a crossdressing boy who's never thought of doing something like this with other guys before, from Shoes of Glass, who usually has a Mistress that enjoys crossdressing and dominating him. Everything's been spun around tonight, and it makes for a fun night of easing him into the acts and pleasures that come with the sort of clothing he's decided to put on, including the more experienced pair teaming up on him from both sides at once.

Excerpt that also explains how I handle realising I've used the same name for characters that, at the time, were never going to clash and be an issue follows the pagebreak: