Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Dressmaker's Doll (A Dark BDSM Fantasy)

Fresh out of college, the opportunity to work under the reclusive bachelor, mysterious and renowned tailor Julian Landon in his secluded villa felt like a fairy tale for young Amy, yet here she is. This fairy tale is reality for her. 

As the days pass, Amy will be reminded those fairy tales were once much darker things. Circumstance will see her fall helplessly into a world of darker passion and submission to the man that swept her off her feet. 

His training will prove to be far more erotic and sensual than she could have ever imagined, drawing her deeper and deeper into his world. 

It’s a world Amy has no escape from. A world she no longer wants to escape.

I may have said this before - may have even said it a lot, knowing me - but this is one of those books on the side I wanted to write one day. One of the many twisted little dark things in the back of my mind. The opportunity arose for it to be a good time to write it, and so here we are.

The Dressmaker's Doll may seem innocent and innocuous enough at first, it begins as a nice story of how one little moment can set a person freefalling into the a world they'd never have expected. Once you get into someone's life a little differently, a little more intimately, a whole different side of them can come out. For Amy, this meant discovering Julian's dominance. As a dressmaker and designer he adheres to what people might expect, putting his passion into the creation of unique pieces while staying far and away from attention. He has his reasons for wanting privacy and there's as many rumours as stipulation to why.

As a man, he's a wholly different beast of dominance and power that takes Amy's breath away and lets her mind run wild over the dark, sordid pleasure of submitting to him and how he makes her feel like a doll with just some simple commands and a ball gag. This leads to showing her the darker side of clothing, making her submit not only to him, but his design. Through Amy's perspective, the seemingly simple act of putting on clothing manages to become its own powerful and erotic act of submission for her.

Her walk down this dark path is an interesting one, with a possibly controversial end that really makes it a dark fantasy. I left a lot of it essentially vague to not spoil the mood, as surreal and improper as it may be, but this story is as seen by the young girl. I might write 'the other story' surrounding it one day, depending on feedback and such, but that's all I'll say outside of the end-of-book author note. For now, enjoy this tale.

Excerpt follows the pagebreak:

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Year in the Rear with the Gear - One Year of Publishing Erotic Fiction

First image in my gallery.
A year ago to the day, Leona D. Reish appeared with Daemonique I: The Darkest Desire. Back then it was ‘vol.1’, a mess of formatting and with a different cover piece. Not to imply I know what I'm doing now, but my blog posts back then sure a mess, too.

A day later, Smashwords’ read an ebook week kicked off, so I pushed to release a second book that got in on the 7th. Seeing that come around again now brings back a lot of memories. I was really very easily disheartened back then when nothing really happened through that first week with its sale event going.

In some senses, I’m just as easily disheartened now, and certainly still learning. I'm aiming to tie up current projects before I really start on anything new, since now I've a better understanding of things, I don't have to be so scattered about it. So we'll see how things go. As much as they change, I think they're going to stay the same.

Sat in a different corner of the room, at a different desk, though, things have really come a long way. It's really been a year, huh...

For sake of index-browsing scroll fingers, the rest of this post is pretty long and getting put behind a pagebreak. First year anniversary though, should probably celebrate or something. 

Christmas at a military base with a disembodied brain.
My kind of fun.