Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shoes of Glass: Pledge - A Short Story Challenge

It's experiment time again, because I enjoy those. They let me figure things out, come to better understandings and try out things that need to be seen to be appreciated.

They also tend to queue inane rambling but I've been working to keep that to a minimum of late. That doesn't mean there won't be any, though, and the header for this sampled story challenge is one of them. 

Nah screw it, I'll do that tomorrow. It'll mark six months since I started publishing, so I intended to write some retrospective thoughts anyway. Instead I'll talk a bit about this story and what it's doing here. I think I've said it just about every time but I enjoy connecting with people that enjoy what I do. Sometimes that's really hard, and as much a matter of chance, time and place as someone being comfortable about coming forward, so it's understandable. I'll talk more about personal crap later.

Short version: Got talking with some good people, some discussion for a story premise of a femdom that finds and seduces a man into a world of accepting and enjoying cross-dressing and clothing was made. I really enjoyed the direction and initial thoughts behind it, so it became a sure thing that I said is happening, and here we are.

Beyond the pagebreak: [~7k word story][M/F][Addiction][Stockings][Femdom][D/s][Crossdressing][Footjob/Worship][Face-sitting][Cunnilingus][Sex Through Clothes]

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Into the Femboy's Trap II: Dominance

Having fallen into the femboy's trap, Alex Hunt is finding it hard to think of anything but the pretty boy that has shown him a whole new world of pleasure. Alex's business in London is coming to a close. Knowing this, Daniel promises a night that Alex will never forget. Nothing will be held back, tonight.

Fun point I want to start off on; This is still the only real result for Femboy on Amazon among others. As for the other two book results that cropped up recently on Amazon, I couldn't see anything specifically femboy or erotic romance about them, they seem to be traditional fantasy so I don't know.

Still, I thought femboys were more well-received and loved than this, at least to a point of at least someone else among all the thousands of writers would have used the phrase before. I don't really mind, but it's startling to have basically put precedence(*1,2) on it.

* Disclaimer 1: If anyone is reading this and has written and published femboy stuff before, awesome, but it hasn't grabbed the word at all in search results. There was one result for "Femboi" a month after I published the first volume but that's an iliteration no one searches for.
* Disclaimer 2: Now the caveat is, as I've come to understand and better orientate my search terms around, people generally refer to feminized males as just "sissy". That works well enough that it's included in my keywords, but strikes me as a bit derogatory or downplaying on position to apply as a whole to the androgynous, crossdressing and potentially transgendered pretty male archetypes.

No no, nonono, I'm not going all political correctness, feminism or whatever the hell else ranting, I just mean I like creative freedom and broadness of definition. I'm making a point out of it at all - aside from that femboys are lovely - because as anyone who's taken an interest in the first volume can attest, there isn't all that much in a submissive or weak connotation about Daniel, the crossdressing pretty boy star of this series.

This second volume goes back to that unique relationship - now that I know there's an audience to continue and maybe complete the story in this volume for - and kicks it up a notch. They're more comfortable together now, so that reluctance from the first volume is filled with kinkier things, daydreams, cameos and references. Perhaps most importantly - Alex finally has his anal virginity taken.

I'll most likely tweak the cover just a little, later, but this book ended up at 18k words, I think my biggest single release so far, so I was a little tired and wanted to get it out there. The first volume cover was also nice anyway.

Crossdressing excerpt follows the pagebreak.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Deity of the Desert Reviewed Five Star - On Sale!

I've touched on this a bit in recent posts, but felt I should give it its own article for sake of exposure, and now have another excellent reason to. The first two volumes of my High Fantasy Monster Girl Breeding Erotic Romance are available for .99c for a limited time, and have also been rated highly.

I've set them to .99c for a time after a solid period of getting little to no love. With prices lower than the usual $2.99 mark, authors only receive 35% of royalties, so it has to sell several copies to match up to the sale of one sale at the $2.99 70% royalty mark. That's all very math, and I have spreadsheets and calculators to do math so there'll be no more of that. Instead; some feelings.

What I want to do with the Deity series is write with a broad spectrum of fantasy races for those who have always enjoyed the cross-combination of races. It's a very traditional fantasy, D&D, mythology and fairy tales sort of thing and I know it has an audience that want to see more fun and interaction with races such as lamia, harpies and draconic women, and maybe some that have never considered it, but they have to be found first. so perhaps this will help awareness that it's here.

The latest installment, is one of my latest works and perhaps more of a niche on it's erotic content, so I'm okay with leaving that at the $2.99 mark, but the other two volumes cultivate their own characters and world even if you leave out the culmination. While I'm bias as the author, it really is an amusingly sweet and happy ending for the trilogy, leaving all three to be picked up at the $4.99 mark for three volumes of rich erotica.

But don't take just my word for it, they've also received reviews!

Deity of the Desert I: Arrival [Amazon|UK][Author Feature][Review]
Deity of the Desert II: Discipline [Amazon|UK][Author Feature][Review]

Amazon Customer Reviews:

Deity of the Desert I: Arrival 5.0 out of 5 stars
Out of the ordinary and out of this world
Beautifully written like a piece out of time and place, it makes me think of lovely fantasy and scifi tales I'd read long ago, but with totally shiver-inducing eroticism.

I'm completely susceptible to tales of breeding and exotic monster (or monsterish) women, yet that doesn't necessarily mean I'm prone to go easy on the two. However, the crafting of them both in this story is as good as it gets. I was surprised by how much it resonated with me, and how it continues to hang in the back of my mind.

Astrid is the kind of fantasy woman I yearn for, there's no use in denying that. Her curiously inhuman good looks, her abnormally hot embrace, and her unquenchable lust all mask a strength and power that makes her anything but a mindless breeder. I'm smitten with her.

I couldn't help but be inspired reading this, and I suspect there'll be more than one story of my own that'll take life from that seed.

Normally I don't reach much these days with my busy schedule, but I'll be looking forward to squeezing in more time for this authors tales. With this introduction at only 99c, I can't recommend it enough. If you like the topics explored in this at all -- breeding, submission, inhuman half-breed women -- get it.

Deity of the Desert II: Discipline 5.0 out of 5 stars 
New character obsession for me, and the plot progresses
A great followup to the first part, it opens with a very steam sexy scene that holds back nothing.

The author has a beautiful way with words, and manages to turn a spanking into something so involved and poetic.

Though the sex ends and the story moves on, the sensuality that pervades the remainder is rich. And I could go on about the lashing of the young woman and how how it was, instead I found myself fixated on the introduction of the Queen herself.

The power and grace of that woman, that was accentuated so well in the writing, jumps off the page and I'm desperately hoping that something more comes of her in the future with this series.

Tremendous followup, highly recommend this. Will definitely be following this tale, it's so far rich with well crafted writing and characters I adore and am fascinated by. 

But don't just take our word for it. Here's a late-coming star from the third volume's thoughts, too.